Hydro Wraps & Scrubs

  • Mineral Brush Exfoliating Scrub 30 minutes / $50.00

    A Soft-fiber, dry body brush, comprised of all-natural boar bristles is used to sloth and exfoliate dead skin cells. (Recommended for skin Detoxing skin or Pre spray tan)

  • Bungalow Sea Scrub 80 minutes / $180.00

    Full body scrub featuring our favorite Organic Farm House Fresh Sea Salt Scrub exfoliating and softening your skin, followed by a scalp and body massage to compete this unique therapeutic experience.

  • Mud Detoxifying Hydro Wrap 80 minutes / $180.00

    Our custom Detox body wrap offers a variety of products such as mud, clay or gel to help eliminate toxins, soothe aching muscles, leaving your bod y feeling totally rejuvenated.

  • NSB Vacation Escape Body Scrub 60 Minutes / $140.00

    Needing an escape? Enjoy this one-of-a-kind body scrub. Our exotic paradise body scrubs will have you and your body feeling like you're on vacation.

  • Lavender Love Experience Package 90 Minutes / $180.00

    Love Lavender! Our signature Lavender Aromatherapy experience is truly unique. Begin with a lavender foot soak, followed by a luxurious lavender-based oil full-body massage, finishing with a lavender body scrub.